6 Tip-Top Referral Generating Tactics and Why They Work

Each week, The Wonder Jam sends out an email with news and updates from our wonderful community of ambitious, creative people (you can sign up for this email at the bottom of our homepage). Sometimes folks from that community ask questions. We respond to those.

One reader recently asked, “How do I generate referrals? Do I have to give money to people who refer clients to me?”

Below is my response.

1. Plan your services and prices so that (A) people are getting a lot more value than they’re paying and (B) they can use hiring you as a status symbol.

2. Ask them: “is there anyone you know who would benefit from my services? Will you introduce me to them?” This is odd and too direct for some folks, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s effective.

3. Ask for reviews and post them publicly. When people know THEY are an ambassador for a brand, they remember it and talk about it.

4. Send your client a gift three or four weeks after they’re done working with you. If they remember you again, their likelihood of referral lasts longer.

5. Send a three- or six-month follow-up. Ask how your work with them has been “sticking,” or something to that effect. This is similar to the principle as above.

6. Send an anniversary email every year with a sweet note: “Can you believe it’s been three years since we’ve worked together?” This keeps people thinking about you.

Chime in! Hop into the comments section below and share your best tips for generating word-of-mouth referrals for your business.

August 13, 2019
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