Forget Comparison, Challenge Your Thinking & Pull Inspiration from Elsewhere

Today, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram that I don’t consider a part of my field in graphic design. These accounts give me a little break from getting too caught up in the design community, and most importantly, they keep me from comparing myself to other designers. That’s a real big one for me—and even though I hate to admit it, I find myself comparing my work to other designers a lot. Do any of you struggle with this, or is that just me? It sucks. And it’s a bad habit I’d like to grow out of someday. But right now, all I can do is learn to manage it.

But how?

I’ve noticed that the more accounts I choose to follow that aren’t design, the more it changes my way of thinking. In other words, it helps me pull inspiration from other things in life. So, here are a select few that I like to follow, and I hope you can find something in them, too.

1. Bon Appetit Magazine (@bonappetitmag)

Love this account. Warning: you will get hungry and may find yourself drooling from all the food photos. I’m guilty of it every time, but it inspires me to cook that particular mouthwatering meal for myself. It’s satisfying not only to be able to say you made that dish, but also reap the benefits of eating it, too.

2. Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. (@sugarhouseceramicco)

Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw of Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. create small batch treasures out in Vermont. I have one of their Hello Hand Mugs and it’s one of my favorite mugs currently in my kitchen. Natasha has three accounts, and I’m pretty sure I follow all three just because it’s so inspiring to look at her work and her interior space. Natasha not only makes the cutest ceramic pieces, but is also a very talented illustrator.

3. National Park Service (@nationalparkservice)

I love their witty captions paired with unique captures of our beautiful parks. Their daily landscape photos are incredibly inspiring, but most of the time, their captions are really informative about what’s happening out in nature. I’m always learning something new from their account, while sometimes laughing at their cheesy dad jokes.

4. Alana Jones-Mann (@alanajonesmann)

Uhhh for obvious reasons. Just look at those cakes! They almost look computer generated because they’re so perfect. Best friend award goes to anyone who gets a cake made from her for my next birthday.

5. Sophia Roe (@sophia_roe)

She’s just an all-around inspiring person. I could listen to her talk about anything and everything all day, every day. I admire Sophia for her no-nonsense approach to health/nutrition, and her passion for encouraging her audience to make the world a kinder place. She’s so knowledgeable and real with her followers. It would seriously be such an honor if I ever get to meet her in person.

6. Heidi Gustafson (@heidilynnheidilynn)

Heidi is an artist who works with pigments and plant dyes found naturally in the earth. She’s figured out a way of foraging colors from the land and turning those into usable paints. I love little reminds of how we’re connected to the earth, and her account is all about that. What she’s doing is really beautiful and inspiring.

7. Haarkon (@haarkon_)

Haarkon is run by Magnus and India, who travel to so many places around the world (I wish all of these places were in my backyard). They released a book last year, Glasshouse Greenhouse, which is filled with botanical gardens from all over the globe that they have traveled to. Looking at their photos brings me so much joy (I hope it does for you, too!).

8. Theron Humphrey and Maddie (@thiswildidea)

Love this account, not only for Maddie, but the unwavering love between a man and his dog. You can see the pure connection they share in every single photo. I love following along on their adventures. Anyone have any more dog accounts I can follow? Thanks!

9. STUMP (@stumpplants)

If you’re from Columbus, Ohio, you probably already know about this gem. When Stump first opened their doors, I remember being so excited. Finally, a plant shop that cared about house plants and actually educating their customers instead of assuming everyone has a green thumb. Emily and Brian are such sweet and kind people—it’s like walking into a second home anytime they’re there. They truly know how to run a successful business. In fact, they opened two other shops and one more is soon to be opening in Cleveland. I’m so happy for them! I enjoy following along and seeing them grow (get it?).

10. Julia Brenner (@brennerjulia)

Julia takes inspiration from textures, colors and details in nature, which I find so inspiring and beautiful. Her ability to interweave nature into her photo styling and way of life is aspirational to me. Also, her personal style is 100%!

11. Mark Maggiori (@markmaggiori)

You could spend all day staring at Mark’s photorealistic paintings and still question how his work isn’t photographed. He’s managed to capture his nostalgic love for the west and put it in art form for everyone to enjoy. Mark’s painting style has me daydreaming and wondering how those cowboys felt when met with the big, open outdoors.

Whether the people, themselves, or the beautiful work they show, every time I see these accounts pop up on my feed, they always push me to learn something new, step out of my comfort zone and personally do better in my life.

What are some accounts that inspire you outside of your line of work?

April 29, 2019
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