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Ty Phillips is the Manager of Supporter Relations for Columbus Crew & Head of Communications for 2Cents Sports. EL Johnson is a creative, entrepreneur, and co-founder of 2Cents Sports.

In today’s episode we sit down with EL and Tyler to talk about what it’s like having a Black-owned media company. El and Ty also discuss how they developed a love for the game and how and why soccer is such a fascinating community and audience globally. They share what they believe the future of soccer has to look like to make it more accessible to under-served children.

Ben Daron is professional creative problem-solver. Ben is a designer, entrepreneur, and consultant who working in a number of different industries and roles. Growing up in a family that owned a small business gave Ben hands-on experience with the ins and outs of running a business from a young age. Listen in as Ben shares how all of his backgrounds are weaving together to create a career that is uniquely his own.

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    Ben helps people start their business on the right foot, streamline their operations with smart tools and workflows, and sustain both themselves and their business through good self-care. Ben is a professional creative problem-solver: a designer, entrepreneur, and consultant who has dabbled in a number of different industries and roles.

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