Hilary Buchanan – Creative Director – Pixel Park

Hilary Buchanan

In this episode Hilary discusses grief, creativity, gymnastics, our complicated relationship with social media,  and various other life topics. We also get to learn the origin story of her social media handled “Funky Monkey”.

People In This Episode


  • Adam Lehman

    Adam Lehman is a CEO, Coach, and Just Like A Really Good Person

  • Deangelo Chaney

    Production Coordinator, and really nice person. Extremely nice.

  • Hilary Buchanan

    Hilary Buchanan has once been described as a "curator of angelic experiences" so she really likes rolling with that. She’s also animation studio Pixel Park’s Creative Director, Co-founder of community organization "Creative Babes", is a sometimes poet, ESL mentor, and an adult gymnast.

What We're Discussing

Choosing the Right Software
Email Marketing Hot Takes
Lessons Learned from Public Speaking