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Jared Murray

Jared Murray is a photography and videographer who describes himself as “one of those incredibly lucky people that gets to do something they love and be paid for it.”

Jared’s first baby photographer steps in May of 2015 when he bought a budget-minded-yet-sort-of-fancy camera to take pictures on hikes and camping/climbing trips. A year later a friend asked Jared to take some family photos and … as Jared puts it “Sometimes all it takes is a tiny show of confidence in someone, because the next day I walked into my advertising job and turned in my two week’s notice.”

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    Adam Lehman is a CEO, Coach, and Just Like A Really Good Person

  • Jared Murray

    My travels have shown me there is always beauty to be found in unexpected places, and always a new perspective to be found in even the most known locations.

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