Who Do You Want To Help?

Odds are, you’re drawn to a specific type of person. Your heart goes out to them. When you’re walking around town, you think of ways you could help them.

Our life is full of characters. Actors in each scene drive us.

There’s always been a type of person that I’ve (Adam) been drawn to help: the introverted artist. The person with an immense gift to contribute, but without the recognition or space to make a difference.

I married that type of person. Our business is built around those people.

Allie has always been drawn to those who need comfort. Her soul lights up when she can help someone feel known, tap into their inner confidence and experience connection.

She married that type of person. Our business is built around those people.

It’s not hard to see how being drawn to those two types of people has shaped the course of our lives.

But the real question is “why does there seem to be some constant type of person or situation we’re drawn to?”

Each of us has a unique combination of experiences, psychology, and physiological makeup.

Life creates a puzzle piece out of all of us. We’re shaped and grown in certain areas, trimmed in others, and all of that makes us really drawn to another type of puzzle piece that fits with us.

The vulnerable part of your work is about raising your hand and telling the world, “I can help!”

September 2, 2016
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