The Power of Strong Visuals

From our perspective, a logo can be a beautiful thing.

So can a website.

So can amazing business cards.

There are portions of your business that are disposable. Invoices, emails, receipts, envelopes, etc.

But there are portions of your business that will be used over and over and over and over.

Think of your visual branding like an employee.

If your employee has a bad day or a bad meeting or ticks off a client one time, no big deal. But if that same employee pushes clients away or portrays your brand as “cheap” day-in & day-out, that employee is going to bring down your company.

You’d fire that employee.

Or – at the very least – you’d resent that employee.

The same is true with your branding. It’s one piece of the mental space your brand takes up in a potential customer’s mind.

Be memorable.

Fun fact, for a brief minute, we removed some of more quirky visual brand elements from some of our web presence and I spent the next day fielding emails and text messages from angry friends who loved that stuff.

Invest in things that will blow your customers away, that will leave a memory, that will make them proud to tell others about you.

August 15, 2016
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